Netanyahu 'deliberately withheld info' from new Israeli PM

Netanyahu 'deliberately withheld sensitive information' from new Israeli PM Bennett
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16 June, 2021
The former Israeli prime minister reportedly refused to share information about Israel's secretive ties with Saudi Arabia and details of how his government reached a truce with Hamas.
Netanyahu reportedly withheld information about Israel's relations with Arab states [Getty]

Ousted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliberately withheld sensitive information from his successor Naftali Bennett including details of Israel's secretive relationship with Saudi Arabia, according to local media.

Netanyahu's briefing session with the new prime minister lasted just half an hour despite the fact his premiership lasted over a decade, Yediot Ahronot reported on Wednesday.

The former leader left out details about Israel's dealings with key states including Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia, according to Yediot Ahronot.

Netanyahu did not reveal any information about Israel's behind-the-scenes relations with Saudi Arabia and its de-facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The two countries have grown closer in recent years with reports indicating Riyadh is open to establishing more formal relations with Tel Aviv.

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Netanyahu also failed to supply Bennett with details about Israel's ties with Arab states that have normalised ties, including Bahrain, the UAE and Jordan.

The Israeli daily reported Netanyahu personally managed the country's relationship with Russia during his tenure, rather than relying upon the Israeli ambassador to Moscow. 

He did not share details of his frequent meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent years, Yediot Ahronot added.

Likewise, Netanyahu reportedly failed to inform Bennett of his administration's contacts with Hamas and information as to how Israel reached a truce with the Palestinian militant group last month.