New Miss Philippines thanks father for 'beautiful Palestinian genes'

New Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados thanks Arab father for beautiful Palestinian genes
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13 June, 2019
Gazini Ganados boasted of her Palestinian heriatage after winning Binibining Filipinas Universe 2019.
Gazini Ganados has won Miss Phillipines [Instagram]

The winner of Miss Philippines this week has paid tribute to her half-Palestinian side for winning the national beauty contest.

Gazini Ganados, who took the crown after winning Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2019, expressed gratitude to her Palestinian father for giving her the strength to win the contest.

"Still Can't Believe It! Cebuanos We Made It!!", Ganados said in an Instagram post in which she celebrated her victory. 

She thanked both of her parents, whom she referred to as her guardian angels.

"To my guardian angel nanay and tatay. It is with deepest appreciation and sincere gratitude to say thank you", she continued in the post. 

Despite never meeting her father, she has constantly made it clear that she wants to find him and get to know him. In an earlier interview, she said she would be overjoyed to finally find him.

"I would give him a hug. I would thank him for the genes because without him, I wouldn’t be here... I'd be joyful. That would be the happiest day of my life," she said before winning the contest.

She also admitted to not knowing much about her Palestinian heritage but being a proud Palestinian, as well as a proud Filipina.

Ganados, who was raised by her grandparents, said she wants to go to Palestine to find her father and learn more about her Palestinian roots.

"I heard a lot of good stories about Palestinians," she said.

"They have good food. Who knows? I would bump into him."