New video documents Israeli 'execution' of Palestinian Yassin al-Saradeeh

Video documents Israeli 'execution' of Palestinian Yassin al-Saradeeh
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01 March, 2018
B'tselem have released video footage showing slain Palestinian Yassin al-Saradeeh shot at point blank range and severely beaten by Israeli soldiers, refuting Israeli claims he died from gas inhalation.
Al-Saradeeh is thought to have been killed at the hands of Israeli forces [Arab 48]
New video footage has emerged showing a Palestinian man, who died last week in Israeli custody, being shot at point blank range, severely beaten and withheld from medical treatment by Israeli soldiers. 

The new footage, published by Israeli rights group B'tselem, provides proof that 33-year-old Yassin al-Saradeeh died at the hands of Israeli forces, in what many are labelling an execution, during clashes near the West Bank city of Jericho on February 22.

The footage shows Saradeeh attempting to assault the soldiers with an iron bar, as they conduct raids on homes in the town. Security camera footage from local shops shows one soldier shooting Saradeeh in the lower body at point blank range.

Three more soldiers kick Saradeeh, who by this point is lying lifeless on the ground, and beat him with their rifles and drag him around the alleyway. They later fire a tear gas canister at the entrance to the alley where they are keeping Saradeeh.

The military claimed the following day that Saradeeh died of tear gas inhalation. Despite autopsy results showing that Saradeeh may have died from blood loss caused from his bullet wound, military claim that paramedics at the scene saw no sign of bullet entry.

The Israeli military announced an investigation would be launched into Saradeeh's death, however many are pessimistic of the outcome. 

"Based on years of experience, the investigation is unlikely to result in any indictment of the persons responsible for the killing and ill-treatment of Saradeeh – certainly not among the higher ranks," said B'tselem in a statement released on Wednesday.