Sama Abdulhadi and Tom Morello collaborated [Getty]
Tom Morello, who is the guitarist for American rock band Rage Against the Machine, collaborated with Palestinian DJ Sama Abdulhadi in an eight-minute music piece called 'On the Shore of Eternity'.
The robot was detained at customs [Getty]
The world's first hyper-realistic robot artist Ai-Da was detained for ten days by customs in Egypt, ahead of an exhibition.
Facebook, which owns Instagram and WhatsApp and has heavily invested in augmented and virtual reality, is reportedly going to adopt a new group name.
Rami Malek spoke fondly of his Egyptian roots as he hosted the hit comedy show Saturday Night Live for the first time.
Crypto - GETTY
Anonymous crypto traders known online only by their avatars will clash at Dubai's La Perle on Saturday, in a first on its kind event hosted by British boxer Amir Khan.
British TV star Gemma Collins said she felt sick after spending £1,450 on steaks and drinks at the new Nusr-Et restaurant in London's Kensington.
A Spanish court has leaned in favour of Lebanese-Colombian singer Shakira in a tax fraud case, her lawyers have announced.
A number of ancient artefacts have been discovered at the settlement, including a 9,000 year old seal
The ancient jar was discovered at one of the region's oldest settlements, dating back to 7,000 BC.
The musical icon said a pair of wild boars tried to steal her bag and run off into the woods.
Taliban fighters enjoyed themselves on a pirate ship ride at the Kabul funfair [Getty]
Taliban fighters have visited a fairground in Kabul for rest and recreation as Afghans fear that they will impose oppressive restrictions on their daily life.