Easter Bunny
The US President looked surprised when someone dressed as a fluffy 'Easter Bunny' interrupted a conversation he was having with reporters about Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The migrant's lawyer said that the man, who does not intend to apply for asylum to stay in Belgium, had obtained a promise from the authorities that he would not be deported until he had received his prize.
It comes after the end of a conservatorship that effectively prevented Britney Spears from having more children.
A Jordanian travel influencer used heat from the active Pacaya volcano in Guatemala to cook his homeland's traditional 'mansaf' dish and share it with locals.
Supermodel Bella Hadid is featured as the cover model on the latest issue of Vogue magazine, and used her interview to highlight the plight of the Palestinian authorities and the policies of the Israeli state.
Traditionally a Catholic day of festivities, St. Patrick’s day has become an opportunity to celebrate Irish identity in diasporic communities around the world. This year, commemorations took place from Palestine to Dubai.
Up until recently, the device, developed by Kyiv-based Filmotechnic in the 1990s, has been known as the 'Russian Arm'.
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The trailer for Marvel's Ms. Marvel has been released, and warmly welcomed by fans, who are excited to see the first Muslim superhero in action.
The casting of Israeli actress Gal Gadot in the new film Death on the Nile has resulted in the new release being withdrawn from cinemas in Tunisia.
Actress Gal Gadot
Jordanians have demanded that the new film Death On The Nile be banned in the kingdom.