Hassan Rouhani
An Iranian MP has called for the former president of Iran to be put on trial, based on what he saw on the popular television show 'Gando'.
Video circulating on social media shows the muezzin wearing a short-sleeved shirt and knee-length grey shorts, sparking complaints about his attire, Kuwaiti news agencies reported.
Emmy Russ
Germany Emmy Russ, who appeared on her country's version of Celebrity Big Brother, was told by security guards that her outfit was too revealing for the mall.
Sirhan Sirhan in 1969
Sirhan was convicted in 1969 after pleading guilty, though Kennedy's then 14-year-old son has since campaigned for the Palestinian Christian's release, saying the evidence against him doesn't stack up.
The US military has evacuated thousands of people from Afghanistan [Getty]
An Afghan family have named their newborn daughter "Reach" after the codename of the plane that allowed them to flee Taliban-ruled Afghanistan
Ever Given [GETTY]
The MV Ever Given is navigating the middle section of its journey to the Red Sea, after returning to Egypt's Port Said late on Thursday.
Yasin (second left) was detained by Bangladeshi police [Getty]
Bangladeshi police have arrested Yasin, a 20-year-old social media star, for shooting a video where he danced with a woman at a mosque.
Mecca Getty
The 28-year-old man has been placed in a psychiatric ward after being rescued at sea, in what was his second swimming attempt in two weeks.
Hand axes. Culture of Homo erectus, know as Acheulian Culture
The discovery of the stone age tool site is a “chronological rebound,” said one archaeologist, as it pushes back by hundreds of thousands of years the start date of the stone tool industry associated with Homo erectus.
British Museum
The glass artefacts to be repaired were shattered into hundreds of pieces by a blast in Beirut in August last year. They are being restored in the UK and later will be returned to Lebanon.