Myanmar Aerobics [Twitter[
A viral video shows Khing Hnin Wai waving and gyrating her arms to a dance track, oblivious to the coup unfolding right behind her.
Sheffield [Getty]
The 35-year-old man was taken to hospital by emergency services after the targeted on Saturday afternoon. It is not believed to be a hate crime.
libya weavers
For some, the ancient tradition of weaving offers a way to earn an income - as well as resuming a way of life that the war had stopped.
Bombay Borough - GETTY
The dish - costing a whopping $270 - has been touted as the world's most expensive biryani.
Seven people were arrested as part of an investigation into a school that allegedly hosted sex parties in Egypt's capital, local media reported.
Mohamed Ramadan - Getty
The case, brought forward by the head of the Egyptian Artists' Syndicate, requested the court refuse permits from the artist to sing in concerts or perform in any acting roles.
Egypt Footballer
Seventeen-year-old Mohammed Hani Al-Kuri died while playing a match with his football club in Alexandria.
uae dubai restaurant
Restaurants in Dubai have begun to offer a controversial discount to customers who show proof that they are vaccinated against coronavirus
Israel Lebanon Cows
Israeli forces snatched at least seven cows that strayed into its territories from Lebanon, local news reported.
Pakistan Train Track
Hamza Naveed, 18, was walking next to the tracks while a friend filmed him, a spokesperson for the local rescue agency said.