Ousted Sudanese dictator Bashir to appear in court

Ousted Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir to appear in court next week over corruption
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15 June, 2019
The prosecutor general has previously said Bashir will also face questioning over financing terrorism, killing protesters, and the 1989 coup which brought him to power.
Investigators found more than $100 million in Bashir's home after the coup [Getty]

Deposed Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir will appear in court next week facing charges of corruption and possessing foreign currency, Sudan's prosecutor general told reporters on Saturday.

The prosecutor general had previously announced that Bashir would also be questioned over financing terrorism and killing protesters, as well as legal action for presiding over the 1989 military coup which brought him to power.

It remains unclear whether Bashir will be prosecuted on all of those charges.

He investigation into the charges of corruption and possessing foreign currency has been completed, prosecutor general Al-Waleed Sayyed Ahmed said according to AFP.

After being ousted by the military, more than $113 million worth of cash in three currencies was reportedly found in Bashir's home.

The announcement came more than two months after the military seized power from Bashir on 11 April after months of nationwide popular protests against his 30-year rule.

Earlier this week, an unnamed Sudanese official told state news agency SUNA that Bashir was facing charges including "possessing foreign funds, acquiring suspected and illegal wealth and ordering (the state of) emergency".

Bashir in late February imposed a nationwide state of emergency in an effort to quell growing protests against his regime.

The prosecutor general also said on Saturday that another 41 charges against "symbols of the ousted regime" were under investigation.

Those accused were not named but Ahmed said most of the charges were related to the "possession of land".