Over 2,000 civilian bodies uncovered among ruins of Mosul

Over 2,000 civilian bodies uncovered among ruins of Mosul
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10 September, 2017
Around 2,100 bodies have been found among the rubble of ruined west Mosul, as the clear up of the Iraqi city continues.
Mosul has been devastated by fighting [AFP]

The bodies of around 2,100 civilians have been uncovered in West Mosul since the Iraqi government recaptured parts of the city in June.

Saad Hamid from Iraq's interior ministry - which is part of the relief efforts in Mosul - says more than 2,000 bodies have been found among the ruined homes of the city.

The northern Iraqi city was ravaged during the government's assault on Islamic State group-held Mosul, which began in October and ended in July when the last pockets of resistance were defeated.

Efforts by the civil defence team to uncover bodies and survivors were hampered by IS bombs and snipers.

"[A] lack of equipment and various security problems such as [IS] members firing from hide outs, bunkers, tunnels or basements" hindered the rescue team, particularly during the early stages of the operation, Hamid told Anadolu news agency.

The search for the dead could continue for another two months, and Hamid expects to remove between 400 and 500 more bodies from the rubble during this time.

Mosul was devastated during the eight month campaign with IS fighters putting up a ferocious fight to the government assault.

IS fighters used improvised bombs, booby traps, tunnels and snipers to slow the advance of the Iraqi troops, while civilians were used as human shields by the militants.

The US-led anti-IS coalition launched air strikes on IS positions in the city, while artillery also caused huge damage to Mosul.

Rebuilding Mosul's infrastructure will cost around $1 billion, the UN has said