Palestine's Hebron in lockdown after new coronavirus cases confirmed

Palestine's Hebron in lockdown after new coronavirus cases confirmed
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30 March, 2020
After three people were confirmed to have coronavirus in Hebron, the city has gone into full lockdown.
Coronavirus has appeared in Hebron [Getty]
The occupied West Bank city of Hebron has announced a full lockdown until further notice to prevent the spread of the Covid-19, after three people were tested positive for the deadly disease.

"Based on the latest developments in the health situation and in order to combat this pandemic and reduce the spread of the coronavirus, it has been decided to take precautionary and preventive measures in Hebron as of Monday, March 30, 2020 and until further notice," said governor Jibrin Bakri in a statement.

The three new cases in Hebron were confirmed on Sunday.

According to Palestinian Authority's news agency WAFA, as of Monday, no one will be allowed to enter or leave the occupied city.

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Residents will only be permitted to leave their houses for a limited time to get groceries.

Shops will open from 10am until noon, and from 4pm until 6pm, with no more than five people allowed in at one time. Residents are only permitted to visit shops near their homes.

Pharmacies, bakeries and gas stations are excluded from the time restrictions.

Bakri said that all permits given out during the emergency period declared in Palestine earlier this month have been cancelled, urging city residents to stay home as a precautionary measure.

There are 115 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the occupied Palestinian Territories, and one woman has died in the West Bank due to complications from the illness, while 18 have recovered.

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