PIJ insists works with Iran 'just to free Palestine'

Palestinian Islamic Jihad insists works with Iran 'just to free Palestine' from Israel
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30 September, 2021
Palestinian Islamic Jihad asserted its armed factions were created to fight Israel, not to protect Iran.
Palestinian Islamic Jihad is an armed faction [Getty-file photo]

A prominent armed Palestinian faction on Wednesday insisted it works with Iran solely to fight against Israel.

It comes after a senior leader in the Iranian armed forces suggested that Palestinian militant groups wished to protect Tehran, Anadolu Agency reported.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad asserted the country's armed factions were created with the purpose of confronting Israel.

"All resistance forces, including Iran, stand in one front against the Zionist enemy and its allies," PIJ contended.

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The Iranian military leader had claimed that infamous commanderQasem Soleimani, who was killed by the US last year, managed the PIJ, Hamas, and four other armed groups so that they protect Iran from outside its borders.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad made headlines this month as all but one of the daring escapees from Israel's Gilboa Prison were alleged to belong to the organisation.