PIJ says it will engage Israel troops who storm Jenin camp

Palestinian Islamic Jihad pledges to fight Israeli troops if they storm Jenin camp
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08 September, 2021
Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters made the pledge after six men, several of whom were allegedly involved with the group, broke out of Israel's Gilboa Prison on Monday.
A group of Palestinian detainees recently broke out of Israel's Gilboa Prison [Getty]

Palestinian fighters have pledged to fight any Israeli troops that enter Jenin refugee camp, amid their efforts to locate a group of Palestinian detainees - all from the Palestinian city - who broke out of an Israeli jail this week.

Members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) made the pledge after six men, several of whom were allegedly involved with the group, broke out of Gilboa Prison in Israel's north on Monday.

Israeli troops accompanied by dogs were at the apartheid wall close to Yaabad, a town in the occupied West Bank, just 20 kilometres (12 miles) from Jenin City, Al Jazeera reported on Wednesday.

Forces there were desperately searching the barrier's gaps for signs of the escapees while "reconnaissance aircraft" were in the sky.

It has been suggested the escapees would travel to their native city of Jenin.

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Israeli troops have raided the camp several times. Last month, four Palestinians were shot dead at the camp by the Israeli army.

Shots rang out at the refugee camp late on Tuesday, Al Jazeera said.

One of the escapees, ex-Al-Aqsa Brigades faction local chief Zakaria Zubeidi, is from the Jenin. His relatives are bracing themselves for troops to arrive at the city's refugee camp, his uncle Jamal Zubeidi explained to the news outlet.

The great Gilboa Prison break

"We don’t know when they will come but we expect them any time and we are prepared. Our family has suffered from the Israeli occupation for many years."

In Arraba, a town in the West Bank not to be confused with the Israeli city of the same name, and Yaabad, four family members of the Palestinians escapees were arrested, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club.

Troops went door-to-door in both these areas and in Bir Al-Basha, Deir Abu Daif, and Jenin, sources told media.

The PIJ is most active in Gaza and is backed by Iran. It is opposed to any political engagement with Israel.