Queen Elizabeth, UK royal family 'support BLM', aide says

Queen Elizabeth, UK royal family 'support BLM', royal aide says
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10 September, 2021
A British royal aide has told broadcasters that he discussed the 'hot conversation' of race with the UK royal family after the death of George Floyd.
The UK royal household 'care passionately about making this one nation bound by the same values' says the monarch's aide [source: Getty]

Queen Elizabeth II and her family support the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM), according to one royal aide. 

Sir Ken Olisa, the first black lord-lieutenant of London, told broadcasters he had discussed the “whole issue of race” with the UK royals after the brutal death of George Floyd. 

Speaking in an interview for Channel Four’s “Black to Front” - produced by an all-black team - the monarch’s personal representative replied “yes” when asked whether the palace supports BLM.

Race is “a very hot conversation topic. The question is what more can we do to bind society to remove these barriers. They [the royals] care passionately about making this one nation bound by the same values,” said Olisa. 

This publicised anti-racism stance follows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, in which they claimed discrimination was a “large part” of why they left Britain. 

The royal couple said an unnamed member of the family had raised concerns about the skin colour of Meghan’s first child before it was born. 

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News of the queen’s alleged support for BLM has been met with a mixture of scorn and scepticism online. 

Right-wing pundit, Nigel Farage wrote on Twitter: “Kenneth Olisa should not be making political statements on behalf of the queen. BLM is dividing us, not uniting us, and is intended to do so.” 

Black campaigner, writer and activist Femi Oluwole slammed the royals for not defending Meghan when she was criticised routinely by the UK Press. Instead, he added, they are offering support for the anti-racism movement when their “reputation is at risk”. 

Oluwole wrote: “The fact that they’re only willing to discuss the politics of racism to defend members who AREN’T Meghan from the press...speaks VOLUMES.” 

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The queen also turned to royal aide Olisa following the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017. 

After former PM Theresa May and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan were greeted with boos when visiting the site in west London, questions were raised over whether the royals should make an appearance. 

 “I remember thinking as it all happened, it was quite scary, we didn’t know whether she would be booed or have things thrown at her etc and when she got out of the car all these people applauded,” said Olisa.