Aerial massacre continues in Syria's Idlib as 18 civilians killed

Aerial massacre continues in Syria's Idlib as 18 civilians killed
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24 July, 2019
More than 770 people have been killed in Idlib since late April as civilians continue to suffer from brutal aerial bombardment.
Hundreds have been killed since late April [Syrian Civil Defense]
Airstrikes by the Syrian regime and its Russian ally killed 18 civilians, including five children, in northwest Syria on Wednesday, a monitor said.

The three million people living in Idlib, the last opposition bastion in Syria, have suffered a brutal aerial bombardment campaign since late April.

More than 770 people, including 196 children, have been killed in the Russian-backed Assad regime assault on Idlib province.

Russian airstrikes near the town of Khan Sheikhoun killed 10 civilians including three children, all from the same family, on Wednesday, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

Another eight civilians including two children were killed elsewhere in the province, SOHR said.

While the Syrian regime and Russian offensive ostensibly aims to defeat the extremist groups that govern the majority of the province, civilians in Idlib have suffered the brunt of the violence.

More than half of the province's population - around 1.5 million - is made up of Syrians who have already fled their homes elsewhere in the country at least once since the war began eight years ago.

At least 330,000 people have been displaced in Idlib and more than 30 medical facilities have been attacked in Idlib province since the regime assault began.

Russian bombardment on Monday left 43 people in the Idlib city of Maaret al-Nouman dead.

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