Rocket attack on Iraq’s Ain Al-Asad base injures three

Rockets fired at Iraq’s Ain Al-Asad base, injuring three
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07 July, 2021
The rocket fire on Ain al-Asad base is the fourth attack on a site of US interest in Iraq since Monday
Rockets have been fired at Ain al-Asad base in western Iraq twice since Monday [Getty]

A rocket attack on the Ain Al-Asad base in western Iraq on Wednesday left three people injured, a spokesperson for the US-led Coalition has said.

US military personnel are stationed at the base, which is in Anbar province.

More than a dozen rockets were fired at the base in the attack, spokesperson Colonel Wayne Marotto said.

Initial report: At approx. 12:30 PM local time, Ain Al-Assad Air Base was attacked by 14 rockets. The rockets landed on the base & perimeter. Force protection defensive measures were activated. At this time initial reports indicate 3 minor injuries. Damage is being assessed.

— OIR Spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto (@OIRSpox) July 7, 2021

The rockets were fired from the al-Baghdadi area of Anbar close to the base, according to the military's Security Media Cell. Some rockets exploded in the launcher, causing damage to a mosque and homes, the Cell said.

It is the fourth attack on a site of US interest in Iraq and the second on Ain al-Asad since Monday.

Rockets were fired at Erbil International Airport on Tuesday night, causing no deaths or injuries. A little-known militia called Saraya Awliya al-Dam, or Guardians of Blood Brigades, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

On Monday, a drone flying over the US Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone was shot down, and three rockets were fired at Ain al-Asad.

A high-level Iraqi security delegation visited Ain al-Asad on Tuesday to discuss potential new measures to boost security at the frequently attacked base, state media said.