Rocket attack kills Palestinian father, daughter near Lod

Palestinian child killed by rocket alongside father near Lod
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12 May, 2021
The 16 year old lost her life in Dahmash, a village neighbouring Lod, during an escalation between Israel and Hamas.
The deaths in Lod come amid dozens of causalities in Gaza [SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty-file photo]

A 16-year-old Palestinian girl was killed alongside her father, 52, near the Israeli city of Lod on Wednesday.

Their deaths were caused by rocket fire believed to have been fired by Gaza-based Hamas or other groups.

The BBC’s Arabic-language service reported that the rocket hit their car, while The Guardian reported they were killed when a missile hit their home's courtyard.

Arab48 reported that the deceased were father and daughter - Khalil Awad and Nadeen.

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The Arabic-language outlet said the deaths occurred in Dahmash, a village close to Lod, the city which has been the centre of protests by Palestinian-Israeli protests against Israeli violence in Jerusalem.

The president of Dahmash's village committee said: "We lost my sister's husband and his late daughter Nadeen today.

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"We say only that which pleases God, truly, we belong to Allah and, indeed, to Him we return."

The chief, Ismail, added that they had not received shelters from the regional council, which he claims "does not recognise us", despite asking for this.

They were instead told they would be "uprooted" from the area, he said.

He also confirmed that Nadeen’s mother, Sawsan, and two siblings were taken to the hospital, though they were largely unharmed.

Other damage was caused, however, including to housing and sheep.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared a state of emergency in Lod.

Meanwhile, the Gaza Strip has seen at least 53 people, including 14 children, killed by Israeli strikes on the besieged Palestinian enclave, with 320 wounded.

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