Saudi Arabia OKs extraction of 26 million tons of metals

Saudi Arabia approves extraction of 26 million tons of metals from one site
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11 January, 2022
The site in Riyadh governorate is said to have vast deposits of gold, zinc and copper.
There will be 'one to two years' of preparations before mining can take place at the site, an official said [Los Angeles Times/Getty-file photo]

Saudi Arabia has approved the extraction of an expected 26 million tons of metals at a location in the centre of the kingdom, as Riyadh seeks to extract maximum value from its mining sector.

Situated in Riyadh governorate's Al-Khunayqiyah, the site is said to contain gold, plus four deposits of zinc and copper, Arab News reported on Tuesday.

Saudi Geological Survey head Abdullah Al-Shamrani said the site needs "one to two years" of preparation before extraction can begin.

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Saudi Arabia wants to secure domestic and foreign funders, provided they are up to the necessary standard, Al-Shamrani said.

The project would help locals by providing employment and other economic benefits, he added.

Large quantities of minerals have also been discovered in multiple other locations in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, like other Gulf states, is pushing to expand its non-gas and oil-related sectors, including mining and tourism.