'Second wife bombshell' prompts false police call in Kuwait

Kuwaiti woman calls police on husband who dropped 'second wife bombshell'
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10 November, 2021
Kuwaiti police got a false call from a woman who claimed her husband was in possession of arms, angered by his intentions to marry a second wife
The police arrived to the house to find the wife had made a false call [Getty]

A woman in Kuwait who found out her husband was planning on getting married again falsely told the police that he was in possession of arms as payback, according to local media.

Kuwaiti media reported Wednesday that a woman phoned police about the presence of weapons and explosives in her house.

Police discovered upon arrival that it was a false call.

The wife was reportedly seeking revenge against her husband who had allegedly told her of his intentions to marry a second woman.

It was not clear when the incident took place, or if the woman was charged over the false claim.

Polygyny is permissible in Islam, where men can marry up to four women at once.