Sheikh Jarrah court date arrives amid more Palestinian injuries

Sheikh Jarrah case back in Israeli court after dozens of Palestinians are injured in crackdown
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The families were given until Thursday to reach an agreement with settlers, but this seems improbable, based on statements from residents and their legal representatives.
The Sheikh Jarrah eviction case are back in court on Thursday [Anadolu/Getty-file photo]

The case of the Palestinian families facing eviction from occupied East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood is scheduled back in court on Thursday, after a night of solidarity protests.

The Supreme Court of Israel on Sunday gave four families until Thursday to agree a deal with Israeli settlers trying to seize their property.

It has now emerged that the parties have failed to agree an arrangement.

This comes after the Jerusalem District Court initially ordered them to leave their homes by Sunday.

Hussein Abu Hussein, a member of the legal team representing the families, told The New Arab's Arabic-language service that the prospect of a deal being reached with settlers is very low.

Sami Irshid, a lawyer for the Palestinians, said the Nahalat Shimon settler movement proposed that one member of each concerned Palestinian family be recognised as a "protected tenant", AFP reported on Thursday.

That would temporarily delay the evictions until the protected tenant died, at which point the home would be given to Nahalat Shimon, Irshid said.

"We reject this completely," Mona Al-Kurd, one of the Palestinian residents told AFP.

"The settlers want us to recognise their property rights, it is impossible."

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Yehonatan Yosef, an activist with Nahalat Shimon, said Palestinian families were rejecting "any compromise".

Palestine shrinking; expanding Israel
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"It's their problem," he said, noting that if the Supreme Court ruled in the settlers' favour, the Jewish families would do what they wished with each plot.

The Supreme Court has indicated that if the sides cannot reach an agreement, it will rule on whether the Palestinians can appeal the district court decision.

An appeal process could take years.

The court date follows a night of protests in support of the families in which Arabi21 reported 12 arrests by Israeli authorities, plus, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, 22 injuries.

AFP puts the number arrested at 11, according to the police.

Palestinians were tended to by the Red Crescent after being hit by rubber bullets and physically assaulted, for example, Arabi21 added.

The Hope Society for Health Services reported 40 additional injuries, Jerusalem-focused Palestinian media outlet AlQastal said.

Arabi21 also reported people engaged in a sit-in protest beside at-risk houses were attacked by Israeli forces.

Ongoing protests have been held in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in support of the families threatened with eviction.

Israeli authorities have reportedly used violent measures, such as tear gas and stun grenades, against peaceful protesters.

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