Six Palestinians go missing in Turkey over past month

Six Palestinians disappear in Turkey as search operations continue
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27 September, 2021
The Palestinian embassy is looking for six of its citizens who went missing in Turkey over the past month, asking for anyone with information to come forward.
The six went missing in different locations across Turkey over the month [Getty]

Six Palestinians have gone missing in Turkey over the past month, the Palestinian Authority's foreign ministry said Sunday.

While four are said to have disappeared in Istanbul, one went missing in the city of Konya and a sixth on the Turkish-Greek border, the ministry said in a statement Sunday evening.

No further information was given.

The Palestinian embassy in Ankara and consulate general in Istanbul have formed a crisis cell to follow up on the matter and uncover their whereabouts in coordination with Turkish authorities.

Anyone with information on the six Palestinians have been asked by the embassy and Ankara to come forward, while citizens in Turkey have been asked to exercise caution and settle their legal statuses.

A Palestinian refugee went missing for several weeks in Turkey's Izmir earlier this year and is one of the hundreds who have been reported missing in the country over the years.

Many of those include Palestinian refugees who fled Syria following the outbreak of war there in 2011.