Sudan rejects Israeli membership of African Union

Sudan rejects Israeli membership of African Union despite warming relations
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15 October, 2021
Sudan has voiced its rejection of Israel being given observer status in the African Union without member states being consulted.
The move to grant Israel observer status sparked outrage among a number of countries in the commission [Getty]

The Sudanese foreign ministry expressed its rejection of the African Commission's decision to grant Israel observer status in the African Union, despite establishing diplomatic ties with the Jewish state last year.

Khartoum’s foreign ministry said its stance was clear regarding Israel’s observer status, protesting that the decision was made without consulting member states.

"This is a rejected approach and contradicts the efforts and principles of the African Union and it undermines the spirit of cooperation, mutual respect and consensus," a ministry statement said.

Sudan and Israel normalised ties last year, but efforts to act on this agreement have been slow.

The African Union’s 39th regular session kicked off Thursday in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and lasts till Friday.

In July, Israel was granted official observer status at the African Union, a goal the country's diplomats had been working towards for nearly two decades.

The move sparked outrage among a number of African Union countries, including Algeria, South Africa and Namibia, and was condemned by Palestinians on numerous occasions.