Sudan suspends two newspapers over protest announcement

Sudan temporarily suspends two newspapers for publishing protest announcement
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20 September, 2021
Two newspapers in Sudan have been banned from publishing for three days after voicing support for protests in the east.
The newspapers had published announcements on the protests [AFP/Getty]

Sudanese authorities on Monday suspended two newspapers for three days after they published announcements of protests in eastern Sudan.

Al-Intibaha and Al-Sayha newspapers were both banned from publishing from Tuesday after they printed announcements of planned demonstrations in the east of the country, organised by a local tribal council.

The official council for press and publications said the two newspapers were supporting an "unknown" and "unregistered" group which wanted to block roads in eastern Sudan.

"The protests in eastern Sudan are peaceful, and the constitution guarantees peaceful demonstration, so we published the announcement," editor-in-chief of Al-Intibaha Ahmad Youssef Al-Tay told Anadolu Agency.

The editor in chief of Al-Sahya, Alghali Shqifat, said he was surprised by the council's use of repressive laws against the press.

Sudan saw a revolution in 2019, which led to the fall of former President Omar Al-Bashir's regime.

"We reject the use of laws from the former regime to suppress… freedom of expression. The constitution grants these freedoms, and this (suspension) contradicts the spirit of the revolution," he said.

Supporters of the Beja Tribes Council have continued to protest and block the main road linking the capital Khartoum to the Red Sea coastal city of Port Sudan for the fourth consecutive day. They complain of marginalisation and negligence by the state.

In early July, the tribal council closed the road for three days before the government sent a ministerial delegation to negotiate with protesters and listen to their demands, but with no agreement.