Sudan 'unhappy' with Israel normalisation developments

Sudan 'unhappy' with Israel normalisation as US money 'fails to materialise'
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16 June, 2021
US money for Sudanese farming and tech initiatives has not been forthcoming, high-level Sudanese insiders told Israeli media.
Sudan was the third Arab nation to normalise ties with Israel during Trump's initiative [ASHRAF SHAZLY/AFP/Getty]

Sudan is reportedly unhappy with developments after normalising ties with Israel, Israeli media have reported.

Despite Sudan normalising relations upon joining the "Abraham Accords" in January, the US has failed to live up to its commitments, according to high-level insiders.

Money for Sudanese farming and tech initiatives has not been forthcoming, they asserted.

This was relayed to Israeli state broadcaster Kan, The Times of Israel reported on Wednesday.

The rapprochement with Israel had proven a bone of contention within Khartoum's government, Kan's insiders said.

An economic boost would have been useful in selling the deal to the people, they asserted.

This follows Sudan's strongly criticised decision to repeal its Israel boycott law in April.

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During the process, groups including Sudan's Arab National Congress, the Islamic National Congress and the General Congress of Arab Parties slammed the move.

They released a message saying: "In 1958, Sudan criminalised all dealings with the Zionist entity in expressing the authentic, established views of the Sudanese people towards their solidarity with Palestine."

Though Khartoum only joined the so-called Abraham Accords in January, it first officially agreed to normalise ties in October 2020.

It was the third Arab nation to do so during Trump's normalisation push last year, after the UAE and Bahrain. Morocco also established ties with Israel.

In exchange for agreeing to the rapprochement, Khartoum was taken off the US' state terror supporters blacklist.

Israel-UAE-Bahrain normalisation deal
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Israel is planning a one-year anniversary event for the Abraham Accords including Bahrain, the UAE and the US, per Israeli state TV channel Kan 11's reporting.

It is expected to occur within a maximum of three months, with the goal of encouraging other Arab countries to enter into normalisation agreements with Tel Aviv.