Syrian regime shelling damages Middle East's best preserved Roman amphitheatre

Syrian regime shelling damages Middle East's best preserved Roman amphitheatre
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30 June, 2018
Syrian regime shelling is thought to have damaged a UNESCO World Heritage site in Daraa.
Bosra has been damaged by shelling [Twitter]
Syrian regime and Russian bombing has damaged one of the Middle East's best preserved Roman amphitheatres, footage of the site has shown.

Russia and the Syrian regime have been shelling Bosra al-Sham for days, as part of an offensive into opposition areas of Daraa province.

Syrian activists and monitors blamed regime shelling for the destruction in Bosra with major damage to the stone steps of the theatre.

Syrian regime forces have now taken over the town and raised the government flag above the UNESCO heritage site.

Footage shot by rebels in 2015 showed damage to Bosra's amphitheatres caused by regime bombing and shelling.

Syrian rebels in control of Bosra have made great efforts to preserve the site, activists have said.

Syria - one of the world's richest countries for heritage sites - has seen many other important monuments and areas severely damaged in the country's seven year war.

Palmyra, another Roman UNESCO heritage site, has also been damaged by Syrian regime and Russian shelling during two campaigns to capture the city.

IS militants have detonated explosives at the site, destroying ancient temples in Palmyra.

The Syrian regime have launched a fierce assault on rebel areas of Daraa in recent days, capturing towns and villages following relentless bombing.

Days of shelling and bombing has seen over 100 people killed and 180,000 residents displaced.