Syria's Assad enters Eastern Ghouta for army photo opportunity

Syria's Assad enters Eastern Ghouta for first time in years
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18 March, 2018
Photos of Bashar al-Assad visiting regime soldiers in an unspecified part of Eastern Ghouta was broadcast on state television on Sunday.
Syrian forces pose for a selfie with their war-mongering leader [Twitter]

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad met with regime fighters in Eastern Ghouta on Sunday, the presidency said, in the leader's first trip to the former rebel enclave outside Damascus in years.

Syria state television broadcast photos of the president dressed in a shirt and jacket surrounded by soldiers, some perched on a tank behind him, in an unspecified part of Eastern Ghouta.

Rebels have held out in Eastern Ghouta since 2012, but a regime assault in the last month has retaken more than 80 percent of the former opposition bastion, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor says.

Pictures soon emerged on social media of the tyrant, dressed in suit, taking selfies with regime troops.

Assad's smug expression did not reflect the severe losses his military has suffered in recent years.

Pro-regime militias also fled Syria's northwest due to Turkey's offensive with rebel fighters against Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units force.