Taliban 'show' at UN 'won't serve anything': German FM Maas

Taliban 'show' at UN 'won't serve anything', actions are key: German FM Maas
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22 September, 2021
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said 'schedul[ing] a show at the United Nations won't serve anything.'
German FM Heiko Maas was addressing a request made by the Taliban [Sean Gallup/Getty]

Germany on Wednesday voiced opposition to the Taliban's request to address the United Nations, saying the "show" by Afghanistan's new rulers would serve no purpose.

The UN credentials committee is reviewing a request from the Taliban to address the General Assembly on behalf of Afghanistan, which is still represented at the world body by the ambassador from the government that collapsed last month.

"To schedule a show at the United Nations won't serve anything," German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told reporters.

"What's important are concrete deeds and not just words, including on human rights and in particular the rights of women and on an inclusive government and distancing from terrorist groups," he said.

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Maas said it was important to communicate with the Taliban, but said: "The UN General Assembly is not the appropriate venue for that."

A senior US official suggested that the credentials committee, which includes the United States, would not make a decision before the General Assembly ends on Monday.

"It will take some time to deliberate," the official said.

No nation has recognised the Taliban, whose brutal 1996-2001 regime enjoyed recognition from only three countries - Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.