Theresa May finally speaks out against Muslim ban

Theresa May finally speaks out against Muslim ban
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29 January, 2017
Downing Street, having repeatedly refused to comment, eventually made the statement at around midnight on Saturday night, saying they did not agree "with this kind of approach".
Theresa May refused to comment on the executive order earlier today in Ankara [Getty]

Theresa May caved into relentless pressure on Saturday evening, saying that she doesn't agree with Donald Trump's executive order banning entry to people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Downing Street made the statement late in the day, having faced extensive criticism for refusing to criticise or condemn the order at a press conference in Ankara.

A spokesperson said: "Immigration policy in the United States is a matter for the government of the United States, just the same as immigration policy for this country should be set by our government.

"But we do not agree with this kind of approach and it is not one we will be taking.

"We are studying this new executive order to see what it means and what the legal effects are, and in particular what the consequences are for UK nationals."

The spokesperson also said the UK would "make representations to the US government" in cases executive order affect British citizens.

The leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, said the Prime Minister had showed a "weak failure" in failing to stand up against President Trump.

"President Trump's executive order against refugees and Muslims should shock and appall us all," he added.

May made her previous comments at a press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, having successfully signed a £100 million fighter jet deal.

The deal has come under much criticism however, as the Turkish government has sent thousands of prisoners of conscience to prison since a failed coup attempt in June of last year.

Turkish fighter jets have also routinely bombed Kurdish positions within Turkey, sometimes hitting civilian positions.