Thousands of Arab women say they will go on strike after shocking 'patriarchal' murders

Thousands of Arab women say they will go on strike after shocking 'patriarchal' murders
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30 June, 2022
Activists across the Middle East are preparing to go on strike to protest recent gruesome murders of women in the region, calling for 'radical, structural and legal changes' for women's safety.
Women across the Middle East will protest against a 'constant patriarchal violence... that wants to brutally establish control over us' [Getty-stock image]

Thousands of Arab women are preparing for a 'general strike' on 6 July, to protest domestic violence and the recent murders of women across the Middle East.

Over 19,000 people have stated their interest and over 3,000 people said they will 'attend' the strike on its Facebook page, which will see women refrain from work or other responsibilities on the day.

The action follows the murder of young women in Egypt, Jordan, and the UAE, sparking shock and outrage across the Middle East amid growing calls for enhanced protection of women.

"Women [are]… facing constant patriarchal violence… that wants to brutally establish control over us, our lives and our choices," the movement’s statement released on 27 July read.

"It is time for us to get angry and loud, since we are of secondary priority to our states, communities, laws, & institutions.

"It's time for us to publicly say that we will no longer accept random individual solutions that are not enough to combat systematic violence and oppression… instead of making radical, structural, and legal changes to stop our killing," the statement continued.

The movement called on all women, including those in "feminist, legal, civil, and political groups to alert, stand in solidarity, and prepare for a women's strike that transcends borders".

In a separate post, the organisers encouraged the Arab diaspora in the West to take to the streets, due to safety concerns regarding demonstrations in the Middle East.

They added that they welcome "all forms of expressing solidarity from silent vigils, demonstrations, or any other tools and means" to highlight the situation for women in the region.

Organisers created the event on 23 June, advertising it as a "general women's strike from the [Atlantic] Ocean to the Gulf".