Tourists now allowed to buy alcohol in Dubai shops

Tourists allowed to buy alcohol in Dubai shops, but being 'under the influence' remains illegal
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20 July, 2019
Dubai has eased restrictions on purchasing alcohol for tourists.
Dubai is a hugely popular destination for tourists [Getty]
Tourists visiting Dubai will now be able to buy beer, wine and spirits from licensed shops, it was announced this week.

Despite the relaxing of alcohol restrictions for tourists, the UK foreign ministry has warned visitors that they are still liable to be jailed if they are under the influence or consume alcohol in public.

Non-Muslim tourists, aged over-21 will be able to purchase alcohol from selected liquor stores in the city after obtaining a license, which are available free-of-charge at airports, according to The Independent.

Visitors must state in their application that they are not a UAE resident and agree to follow the country's strict rules on alcohol purchase and consumption.

The UK foreign office has reminded British visitors that consuming alcohol or being drunk in public remains illegal, after a number of visitors fell foul of the law.

Dubai relies heavily on tourism for revenues, and has marketed itself as a big-spending luxurious destination, despite its discreet but strict laws against alcohol consumption.

A British tourist was allegedly detained at Dubai airport last year after drinking a glass of wine on a flight from London.

Previously, tourists could only purchase and consume alcohol in hotels and license restaurants.