Tunisian MP dons body armour after security guards banned

Tunisian MP dons crash helmet, body armour after guards banned from parliament
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05 May, 2021
A Tunisian MP has drawn satire and criticism after attending parliament in a crash helmet and bulletproof vest.
Abir Moussi wore the protective gear in protest against a ban on security guards [Screenshot]
A Tunisian MP attended parliament on Tuesday wearing a crash helmet and bulletproof vest in protest against alleged acts of violence at the legislature.

Abir Moussi’s striking gesture came after security guards, some of whom are accused of being involved in a brawl last year between rival secular and religious parties, were banned from the parliament building. 

are accused of being involved in a brawl last year between rival secular and religious parties.

Her attire was met with both criticism and satire from fellow MPs, who have been at loggerheads over several pressing issues in the North African nation.

In front of her was a sign that read, “the green light has been given to take out this MP”, next to a photo of late secularist president Habib Bourguiba.

Moussi, who was an ally of ousted president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, has often been at the centre of controversy in Tunisia. In March, she and a group of supporters stormed the Tunisian branch of the International Union of Muslim Scholars and demanded its dissolution, months after a bill she put forward calling for its closure was rejected.

Her Free Constitutional Party last year staged a week-long occupation of parliament. The party was founded by former members of the secular Constitutional Democratic Rally, which was the ruling party in Tunisia under Ben Ali. It currently holds 16 seats in parliament.

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