Turkish colonel arrested following coup found dead in cell

Turkish colonel arrested following coup found dead in cell
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05 November, 2016
Colonel Irfan Kizilaslan was found dead in Camlibel prison in Tokat under suspicious circumstances, making him the 22nd prisoner to die behind bars since July's coup attempt.
Kizilaslan was arrested on allegations he was involved in the army coup in July [Twitter]

A Turkish colonel who was arrested for his alleged involvement in the country's July coup has been found dead in his prison cell.

Colonel Irfan Kizilaslan was being held at the Camlibel Prison in Tokat and brings the death toll of post-coup attempt prisoners to have died in Turkish custody since July to 22.

His body has been sent for an autopsy, however, critics have pointed out that many of the country's forensic autopsy experts have also been fired as part of the country's on-going purge.

Kizilaslan was Chief of Staff at the Kastamonu Gendarmerie until he was arrested in July of this year for his alleged connection to the the Kurdistan Workers' Party [PKK].

Human rights groups and Western governments have criticised Turkey's crackdown following July's coup attempt by factions of the army, which has seen tens of thousands arrested or sacked from their jobs.

Translation: Colonel Irfan Kizilaslan "found dead" in his prison cell. No more "committed suicide" verdicts -  I wonder how many more will die?