Turkish scientist suggests Covid vaccines 'boost fertility'

Immünödisiac? Turkish scientist suggests Covid-19 vaccines 'boosts male fertility'
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09 September, 2021
In an interview with Anadolu Agency, a Turkish scientist has claimed that the Covid-19 vaccine can boost male fertility, citing a US study that compared the sperm parameters of a group of men before they took the vaccine and 70 days after.
The study to which Professor Kadioglu he referred was carried out at the University of Miami, with the results published in early June [Getty - file photo]

A Turkish scientist has suggested that Covid-19 vaccines can boost male fertility by pointing to a US study that showed men who had been vaccinated experienced higher sperm count after 70 days.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency widely reported by Turkish and Arabic media, Ates Kadioglu, associate professor at Istanbul University, rejected claims that Covid-19 jabs reduced male fertility.

Instead, he highlighted a US study of 45 male participants, roughly half of whom were vaccinated by the BioNTech shot and the other half with the vaccine developed by Moderna. 

After 70 days, the participant’s semen was analysed. Laboratory tests revealed not only increased semen production compared to the sample taken before vaccination, but also higher sperm counts and sperm motility, the ability of sperm to move efficiently.

Professor Kadiolgu said the increase was greater in men who had lower sperm counts to begin with, restoring their sperm counts to normal levels.

The study to which he referred was carried out at the University of Miami, with the results published in early June.

The researchers themselves believe the increased sperm parameters fell within normal variation and postulated that it was likely to be the result of increased abstinence time before the second semen sample was taken.