Two Palestinian girls held by Israeli troops

Two Palestinian girls held by Israeli troops
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09 February, 2016
The girls were reportedly detained in separate events security forces in occupied Jerusalem and Hebron under suspicion of possessing knives.
A 13-year-old Palestinian girl was blindfolded as she was arested in Hebron [Twitter]
A Palestinian girl has been arrested in East Jerusalem's Old City, after Israeli police believed she was "acting suspiciously" on Tuesday.  

The 16-year-old was reportedly asked to open her bag for inspection before she allegedly pulled out a knife. Israeli reports say she attempted to stab the police officers present.

Although some reports suggest she was beaten, Israeli police spokesperson Luba al-Samri said that she was "quickly controlled without injuries", and taken in for questioning.

Also on Tuesday, Israeli forces detained a 13-year-old Palestinian girl as she was heading to school near the town of Beit Ummar, a little north of Hebron.

Israeli forces stopped the uniformed girl as she was passing Karmei Tzur settlement, and accused her of possessing a knife.

Last week in the same area, a 14-year-old Palestinian was shot dead by Isaeli forces for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails at vehicles.