UAE plans first official visit to Israel this month

UAE plans first official visit to Israel this month: report
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07 September, 2020
The move would be another big step in Israel-UAE normalisation.
Israel and the UAE's relations came into the open last month [Getty]
A UAE delegation will make an official visit to Israel later this month, as part of a controversial normalisation agreement, Reuters has reported.

The unnamed UAE officials will fly into Israel on 22 September, which will mark the Gulf state's first ever official visit to Israel, the news agency added.

Plans will be finalised at an official ratification of the Israel and UAE normalisation agreement, first announced on 14 August, in the White House next week. 

An Israeli delegation visited the UAE last Monday on a chartered flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi, dubbed the first civilian passenger flight between the two countries.

Talks were held in Abu Dhabi on security and business issues, with an Israeli minister predicting $4 billion in bilateral trade each year.

The UAE was the first Gulf state to normalise relations with Israel, which follows years of close cooperation on regional issues.

Bahrain is tipped to become the next Arab state to cement ties with Israel, while Saudi Arabia on Monday appeared to reject a similar move.

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