UAE warns parents of fines for failing to enrol children

UAE parents warned of fines, imprisonment for school truancy
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09 September, 2021
The UAE's public prosecutor published a dense notice outlining the country's laws concerning child welfare in a tweet on Tuesday.
The UAE is known for its tough policy against truancy [Getty - file photo]

With the school year underway in the UAE, the country’s public prosecution has reminded parents and guardians that they could face fines of up to 5,000 dirhams ($1,361) if they fail to enrol their children in a school.

In a tweet on its official social media page posted on Tuesday, the state prosecutor published a notice outlining the country’s laws concerning child welfare, including responsibilities to uphold care and mandatory education.

The dense legal paragraph is headed with the title: "A Child’s Right to Education And The Penalty For Compromising Such Right".

It warns that "whoever violates this shall be sentenced to imprisonment or fined a monetary penalty of not less than (5,000) five thousand Dirhams", complete with citations of relevant articles of Emirati law.

The UAE has issued fresh warnings against breaking school rules since mid-August.

It comes amid an ongoing campaign by the UAE’s public prosecutor to boost public awareness of the law and legal culture, local media reported.

The Gulf country is known for its tough responses to citizens who bend the rules, including attempts to stretch out the Eid holidays by skipping school and other forms of truancy.

Random spot checks are conducted at schools to crack down on absenteeism.