UK signals possible strikes against IS in Syria

UK signals possible strikes against IS in Syria
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02 July, 2015
Britain has signalled a likely shift in its anti-IS policy in with defence minister describing London's current policy to bomb IS in Iraq but not Syria as 'illogical'.
There have only been limited air strikes against IS in Syria [Getty]
Britain's defence minister has signaled a possible shift in policy by saying it's illogical that Royal Air Force jets conduct airstrikes against Islamic State extremists in Iraq but not in Syria.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is due to make a statement on the topic to lawmakers in the House of Commons on Thursday.

On Wednesday he said "there is an illogicality about not being able" to strike IS positions in Syria, because the militants "don't differentiate between Syria and Iraq." 

But lawmaker Crispin Blunt, chairman of parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, said British strikes in Syria would make "no practical difference" to the US-led military campaign. 

Britain's Parliament voted in September to attack Islamic State targets in Iraq, but not Syria.

No vote on expanding the strikes to Syria is currently scheduled.