US bomb-sniffer dogs sent to Jordan 'dying of neglect'

'Dying of neglect': Bomb-sniffer dogs sent to Jordan face 'neglect and starvation'
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17 September, 2019
Jordan has come under the spotlight after signs of mistreatment of bomb sniffer dogs sent from the US.
The sniffer dogs show protruding ribs [State Department]

Bomb-sniffer dogs sent to Jordan from the US are "dying of neglect", a federal investigation has found.

An investigation for the US State Department showed that out of 100 dogs sent to Jordan between 2008 and 2016 to sniff out explosives, ten died due to medical problems. 

These were said to have been caused by poor treatment of the animals with photos showing faeces smeared across kennel floors and empty water bowls.

Photos released this week show dogs with ribs visible, while others were infested with ticks, hinting at food shortages.

The investigation showed that dogs had no feeding bowls and had to eat scraps thrown on the floor, media reported on Monday.

One dog, named Mencey, was evacuated from Jordan suffering from severe medical conditions said to have been caused by mistreatment, and euthanised a year later, The Washington Post reported.

Another dog died a "terrible death" from heat stroke, CNN said, while the report stated that the animals had "lost the will to work".

The State Department spent millions of dollars on bomb-sniffer dogs being trained and sent to a number of countries, with Jordan the biggest recepitant of the programme.

But the US department have been criticised for not following up on the welfare of the dogs, with no written agreements about their care.

Despite the damning 2016 report more dogs have been sent to Jordan.

"It is important for Congress to know whether the is operating effectively and efficiently and whether animals involved in the program are being treated according to the humane and ethical standards that the American people undoubtedly expect," Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, wrote to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.