US embassy in Tunisia warns of Sunday terrorist attack

US embassy in Tunisia warns of Sunday terrorist attack
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20 December, 2015
A warning about a possible terrorist attack on a mall in Tunisia may cause further harm to the Tunisian economy, particularly in the festive season.
Terror alert level at its highest in Tunisia [AFP]

The US embassy in Tunisia has warned its citizens late on Saturday to stay away from a mall in Tunisia's Berges du Lac area in the capital Tunis on Sunday because of information it had received about a possible terrorist attack.

A statement by the embassy advised US nationals to avoid the newly opened Tunisia Mall on Sunday after receiving a "report of unknown credibility," about a potential attack.

Tunisia Mall is one of the largest commercial centres in Tunisia and Africa, and includes around 80 shops.

The US embassy had warned its citizens three days earlier to be very cautious during this festive season, particularly during the New Year celebrations.

Tunisian Interior Minister Najim al-Gharsalli had also announced on Friday that Tunisia increased the terror alert level to its highest, particularly for the Prophet Muhammad birthday and New Year celebrations. Gharsalli also said that the Tunisian security forces were able to uncover and thwart several terrorist plots.

Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi announced a 30-day state of emergency on November 24 after a bus carrying presidential guards was targeted on a central street in the country's capital. A dozen presidential guards were killed and more were injured in the explosion.

In the past few years, Tunisia has witnessed several terrorist attacks that had harmed its tourism industry, the lifeline of the North African country's economy. Several hotels have also closed down, particularly after 38 tourists were killed when gunmen opened fire at them at a beach in the resort city of Sousse.