Vengeful 'Saudi animal abuser' rips head off Qatari pigeon

Graphic video: Vengeful 'Saudi animal abuser' rips head off Qatari pigeon
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27 July, 2017
'Don't let your fate be that of the pigeon,' the man warned Qatar after tearing the bird's head off with his bare hands.
"This pigeon is Qatari" [Twitter]

A shocking video has emerged showing a man with a Saudi accent tearing the head off a pigeon from Qatar as a form of revenge against Doha.

"This is your bird," the pigeon killer said in the graphic (trigger warning: animal abuse) video, before flipping it over to show a tag showing that the bird is from Qatar.

He then proceeds to rip the pigeon's head off with his hands in one quick and gruseome motion, before insulting the headless bird as it moves across the ground during its dying moments.

Before he threw the pigeon on the floor, he held it upside down to let the blood spill from its neck.

"Don't let your fate be that of the pigeons," he said twice.

"Your pigeon is rubbish," he added.

"Even your people in Qatar hate you, everyone hates you, even people in Kuwait hate you."

This relates to a diplomatic war between Qatar and several Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia which has seen a blockade enforced on the emirate.

The video was met with lot of anger. "May God break his head, not even animals are safe from the cruelty of Arabs," one user tweeted.

"May God squash your head like what you did to the head of the pigeon," another tweeted.

Earlier this year a pigeon was used to smuggle drugs into Kuwait.

A backpack-like package which contained narcotics was attached to a pigeon entering Kuwait in May.

"In an incident, which could be a first in drug smuggling, customs officers in al-Abdali seized 178 narcotic pills wrapped around a homing pigeon," Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rai reported.