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Signatories to the letter include Palestinian rights groups, Israeli lawyers and former officials, US academics and Arab civil society activists.
22 people were killed in the suicide bomb attack at the Manchester Arena in 2017 [Getty]
A public inquiry in the UK found that security teams at Britain’s Manchester Arena missed opportunities to prevent or minimise the 2017 terror attack by Salman Abedi which killed 22 people.
Evidence published by the International Development Committee reveals an outpouring of condemnation and criticism among foreign policy experts and charities against UK aid cuts.
Noor bin laden -- getty
The niece of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden protested President Joe Biden's summit with Vladimir Putin this week by waving a 'Trump won' flag.
Time is ticking to get Putin to change his mind on keeping aid moving into Syria through the Bab Al-Hawa crossing.
Anne Hidalgo said that a woman president 'can change the relationship with power' [Getty]
Paris’s Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo has hinted in an interview that she is planning to stand in France’s 2022 presidential elections against current President Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen.
In an extended TV address, Khamenei suggested participation would raise the country’s 'prestige' and that a strong show of public support would force Iran's enemies to back down from pressure campaigns.
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This week's Palestinian protest at the Boeing building in Virginia is one of many taking place across the world this spring and summer.
Editor in Chief of Apple Daily Ryan Law
Police in Hong Kong raided the offices of a pro-democracy newspaper, the second time in less than a year, arresting five people.
Domestic terror, USA
The US government unveiled a "national strategy" to combat domestic terrorism, which is believed to have grown in recent years.