The UN nuclear watchdog said on Sunday it had been denied "indispensable" access to a centrifuge component manufacturing workshop in Iran.
Germany election - GETTY
Surveys published on public television after polling stations closed at 6pm (1600 GMT) found Merkel's Christian Democrats and their candidate Armin Laschet with around 24-25 percent of the vote, nearly tied with the Social Democrats on 25-26 percent.
Italy holds the annual, rotating presidency of the G20 and is looking to host a special summit on Afghanistan.
The invasive surveillance operation that Spears was targeted with allowed people tied to her conservatorship - mainly her father, James Spears - to have complete control over her life.
Foot soldiers were also warned not to take so many selfies, particularly when they were with leaders of the movement, as they could compromise the safety and security of those by sharing the location.
kabul airport - Getty
The Taliban have asked for international flights to be resumed in Afghanistan, assuring airlines that problems at Kabul airport had 'been resolved.'
A British police officer stands next to a police cordon close to where Sabina Nessa was killed
A man suspected to be behind the killing of Sabina Nessa was arrested Sunday, British police have said.
Afghanistan Economy
The director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said Afghanistan is at risk of "imminent hunger" with winter approaching and services disrupted by the return to power of the Taliban.
People are protesting [Getty]
Sudanese protesters on Saturday blocked two key oil pipelines in Port Sudan, the main seaport on the Red Sea, over a peace deal with rebel groups.
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Despite the congresswoman's lengthy explanation, many stood by their criticism, noting that the letter did little to address the reasons why she abstained.