Yemen's Houthis launch attack hours after Saudi ceasefire offer

Yemen's Houthis launch 'airport drone attack' just hours after Saudi Arabia announces ceasefire offer
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23 March, 2021
Saudi Arabia has seen a surge in strikes from Yemen's Houthi rebels in recent weeks.
The Houthis has launched dozens of rockets attacks on Saudi Arabia during the war [Getty]
An airport in Saudi Arabia was targeted by Houthi forces on Tuesday, just hours after Riyadh offered the Yemen rebels a ceasefire.

The Houthis claimed a drone attack on a southern Saudi airport on Tuesday, although there was no comment from Riyadh authorities.

"Our operations will continue as long as the aggression and siege continue," Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea said in a Twitter post, according to Reuters.
Saudi Arabia has been subject to increased attacks from Yemen's Houthi rebels in recent weeks, including missile and drone strikes.

Cities and airports in the kingdom's south have been a regular target of the Houthis since Saudi Arabia's intervention in the Yemen war in March 2015.

Saudi Arabia announced on Monday offered Yemen's Houthi rebels a ceasefire to end fighting and allow a major airport in the capital to reopen.

It was Riyadh's latest attempt to halt fighting in Yemen, which has sparked the world's worst humanitarian crisis in the Arab world's poorest nation.

The move follows the Houthi targeting of Saudi Arabia's oil sites, which briefly rattled the energy market.

Riyadh is also attempting to rehabilitate its image with the United States under President Joe Biden, a harsher critic of the Saudi-intervention in Yemen than his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The Houthis on Monday dismissed the Saudi offer of a ceasefire as "nothing new".

Iran also poured cold water on this prospect of peace in Yemen, insisting Riyadh lift its blockade on the country before negotations are started.

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