Christmas tree so ugly its makers had to apologise

Beirut airport forced to take down monstrous 'garbage Christmas tree' after uproar
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05 Dec, 2017
A bizarre looking Christmas tree at Beirut's airport was removed on Tuesday after its strange appearance sparked outrage on social media.
MEA sought to use the holiday season to raise awareness on environmental conservation [Twitter]
An environmental initiative led by Lebanese airliner Middle East Airlines [MEA] landed itself in hot waters this week, after it erected a Christmas tree made of recycled materials in a Beirut airport lounge.

In an alleged bid of environmental conservation, MEA sought to use the holiday season to raise awareness on the issue by putting up a non-traditional Christmas tree in Beirut's Rafic Hariri airport.

"The tree is decorated with metal parts and aircraft parts. The aim is to support the environment," an MEA statement said, quoting chairman company's general manager Mohammad Hout.

"The idea is not innovative, many countries around the world use [Christmas trees] to raise awareness about a specific issue," Hout said.

"[Our tree] is to raise awareness about environmental protection and to prevent logging and awareness on the recycling process."

The move is a "call on to keep Lebanon green and save your environment, and we wish you a Merry Christmas," the statement concluded.

However, concept flew over the heads of many who took to social media to voice outrage at the notion of having "the Christmas garbage tree" greet travellers landing in Lebanon's only airport.

On Tuesday, the tree was taken down following much complaints to the airline, after proving very unpopular with many across the country.

F for failure

An embarrassment

"A Christmas tree symbolises joy, hope and the birth of Christ. It is supposed to be bring back happy childhood memories every time we look at it. What happened in Beirut airport lounge is an embarrassment for Lebanon," one user said on Twitter.

Some said the tree's strange appearance was only a reflection of the country's political and environmental crisis.


Smell of garbage