Egypt facing 'cosmic war', warns TV anchor

Egypt facing 'cosmic war', warns TV anchor
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11 Sep, 2015
Blog: Talk show host Tamer Amin has warned that Egypt will soon be under threat from weaponised "natural" disasters sparked by a shadowy group intent on world domination.
Egypt could be targeted by weaponised meteorites, according to Amin [Getty]
The world is under being run by a mysterious group known as the "Supreme Council of the World", which will soon be able to annihilate entire countries through the use of natural disasters, a popular Egyptian TV host has said, in all seriousness.

Tamer Amin this week warned his audience that a "cosmic war" would soon take place that would make use of "fifth-generation weaponry" such as tsunamis and earthquakes.

The TV anchor was subsequently widely lampooned on social media.
     Through scientific research this council has managed to develop technology that has enabled it to control nature, which is terrifying
- Tamer Amin

"The Supreme Council of the World is made up of a group of big-time businessmen and politicians who are controlling the world from behind the scenes. It is bigger, stronger and more influential than countries such as the US and Russia," Amin said on his Rotana Masriya show.

"Through scientific research this council has managed to develop technology that has enabled it to control nature, which is terrifying," he informed his viewers.

"In the next few years this council will be able to wipe out [nations] without even having to go to war with them - by, for example, sending a tsunami or earthquakes, as high as eight on the Richter scale, by tampering with the Earth's crust and make extinct volcanos erupt," he said.

The TV host said the council, which apparently runs the global drugs and arms trades and directs the world's wars according to its hidden agenda, can also fire comets or meteorites at cities, instead of missiles.

Amin backed up his claims, which do seem to have come from a 1950s science fiction B-movie, saying they had been proven by a military expert, Major-General Hossam Sweilem, and philosophy professor Amgad Ismail, who were previous guests on his television programme.

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Many Egyptians took to Twitter to make fun of the far-fetched conspiracy theory.

"If anyone knows someone in the Supreme Council of the World could you phone them up and tell them to lower the temperature a bit,"said one Twitter user.

"After watching this strange video we call on the Supreme Council of the World to make a meteorite fall on the studio where this was filmed," said Islamic scholar Fadel Soliman.

Well-known Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef said: "I apologise for not recently responding to tweets, I've been complexly engrossed with my activities in the Supreme Council of the World. How high would you guys like it on Richter scale?"