A foreign free-for-all in Syria's brutal war

A foreign free-for-all in Syria's brutal war
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21 Dec, 2015
Syria has become a theatre of international rivalry and conspiracy. Israel's killing of Hizballah commander Samir Kuntar is just one of many acts of foreign intervention in Syria.

As an engineered optimism is propagated by Western governments to whitewash the failures of the international community to aid the Syrian people, yet another event has highlighted the pitiful state of this country as it is violated once again.

Away from the punditry surrounding the life and times of Samir Kuntar, and his role as a Hizballah commander supporting the gruesome Assad regime, an illegal act of aggression occurred.
Israeli airstrikes were carried out using Syrian airspace and on Syrian soil.

Selective criticism

But then why would an international community that has turned a blind eye to the viciousness of the regime turn towards this blatant disregard of international law?
If anything, it simply shows the futility of the verbal wrangling that took place in New York and the absurdity of the US Secretary of State John Kerry's proposition.

Why even bother bringing together regional actors when, for some of these states, such meetings are insignificant?
To paint Kuntar's killing as a victory only hides the bloody state in which Syria and its people are suffering in.

Their call for freedom and dignity was met with a sadistic response by a state that has not only discarded their security but also that of the state itself. It has allowed rogue nations to bombard its people and its land without any response.
As for the war-ravaged country that is Syria, it is repeatedly raped and abused. No end of barrel bombs, of Sukhois and of F-16s is in sight.
Marauding militias have taken hold of cities, besieged cities and burnt down cities. This beautiful nation is now a woeful state in the grasp of an unrelenting gang of rapists.
What of the Assad regime that has forced the country into this quagmire?

It remains almost as it did at the start of the Syrian revolution – immune from international action against it. Syrians the world over have been given no firm evidence that Assad will be removed and his regime locked out of power.

Foreign intervention

Instead, armies from around the world wreak havoc and the army that he supposedly was protecting his nation from, Israel, has joined in the melee.
It is absurd to think that Israel, in killing Kuntar, had carried out an act of goodwill.

Reports suggest that Russian and Israeli forces have been in close coordination ever since Moscow began its deadly escapade in Syria to prop up the Assad regime.

It is not unbelievable therefore to think that this operation could have been a result of joint planning.
Yet, just as Russian firepower is unwelcome and loathed in Syria, so too is Israel's.

In their quest for survival, and victory, in this most bloody of conflicts, Israel is not the ally that the Syrians are looking for.

Syrian people neither want the illegal military operations it brazenly carries out only underscore its disregard for Syrians and their country.

As Russia sat at the table in New York, its strategic partner in crime was preparing for a new round of illegal airstrikes.

And just as it did in New York, the international community watches on as Syria is violated once more.

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