In Brief

In My Mother's Footsteps
This is an excerpt from Mona's book, which is released today.
In My Mother's Footsteps: A Palestinian Refugee Returns Home, Mona interweaves the story of her mother's life and her own sabbatical year teaching conflict resolution in Ramallah.
Ben & Jerry's ice cream is renowned for its solidarity with progressive causes but has been slow to support Palestine. [Getty]
Opinion: Ben & Jerry's decision to end sales in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is a welcome first step, but the real credit goes to BDS activists, not corporations for doing the bare minimum, writes Elias Jahshan.
In Brief
Opinion: Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal's interview on Al Arabiya - the Saudi news agency known for its anti-Hamas rhetoric - raised eyebrows and sparked questions. Maen al-Bayari discusses the possible explanations.
Flag day Israel - Getty
The battle over optics and perception has formally migrated online, where social media has been a gamechanger in revealing the rising tide of ultra-nationalism within Israel, writes Benjamin Ashraf.
Woman Raqqa 2019
Four years after the 'liberation' of Raqqa, Zaina Erhaim looks back on her trips to the city, and pays tribute to the strength and resilience of its women.
The New Arab at 7: Interactive Timeline
As The New Arab celebrates its anticipated web re-launch, we take a look back at the key events from the past seven years, and how they have shaped us and the world.
Life affirming journalism
Sheeffah Shiraz, Features Editor, reminds us that behind the headlines there are real human stories and a region brimming with passion and creativity.
Media revolution
Veteran of the Arab media scene, Rami Khouri, surveys the contemporary media landscape and its changing role in society.
Informed compelling coverage
Charlie Hoyle, Analysis & Politics Editor, explains how The New Arab offers readers unique insights that build on, complement and go beyond the news cycle.
Women in Journalism
Opinion Editor, Katy Stone, explains why championing women's visibility is paramount to The New Arab's journalistic mission.