In Brief

Life affirming journalism
Sheeffah Shiraz, Features Editor, reminds us that behind the headlines there are real human stories and a region brimming with passion and creativity.
Media revolution
Veteran of the Arab media scene, Rami Khouri, surveys the contemporary media landscape and its changing role in society.
Informed compelling coverage
Charlie Hoyle, Analysis & Politics Editor, explains how The New Arab offers readers unique insights that build on, complement and go beyond the news cycle.
Women in Journalism
Opinion Editor, Katy Stone, explains why championing women's visibility is paramount to The New Arab's journalistic mission.
TNA News that centers people
News Editor, Paul McLoughlin, looks back at The New Arab's evolution, and its mission to amplify underrepresented voices, call for human rights, and to expose crimes of repression while maintaining unfiltered coverage of the region.
TNA: Voices of a new generation
Karim Traboulsi is the Managing Editor of The New Arab. Here, he explains, The New Arab confidently pledges to its existing and new readers to continue to be an authentic, unique, and forward-looking source of information.
TNA: Seven Years Audio Journalism
Podcast producer, Gaia Caramazza, takes us behind the scenes of TNA's flagship podcast - The New Arab Voice.
TNA: Seven Years Unfiltered Journalism
CEO of The New Arab, Abdulrahman Elshayyal, recaps the past seven years of TNA, and how the media outlet is continuing to shape discourses and challenge narratives.
Palestinian Liberation Organisation chairman Yasser Arafat meets with Black activists in Beirut
A transnational relationship built on anti-imperialism, anti-racism, and intercommunalism, the Black and Palestinian struggles share an interwoven history. As BLM and Palestinian protests gain momentum, Bashirat Olade elaborates on their alliance.
Police stand guard on a barricaded road outside the Yangon City Hall (R) and Sule Pagoda (C) in Yangon on 16 February, 2021. [Getty]
The Rohingya remain central to the next swing of Myanmar’s political pendulum. But their role in the country's future is anything but clear.