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Clubhouse [NurPhoto]
Does Clubhouse have the staying power to go beyond a pandemic fad? Ragheb Malli is not so sure.
vote - crop
For Arab-Americans, assimilation used to mean being apolitical. Now, we are waking up to the fact our inclusion in politics is vital to combat our community's marginalisation, writes Diala Ghneim.
Syria muslim ban protest - Getty
As a daughter of immigrants, I'm proud to cast a ballot that represents all of those who cannot vote but who endlessly give back to this country, writes Leena Zahra.
US election coverage
Call for submissions to The New Arab focusing on US election 2020
ali silani
In the upcoming British elections, PM Boris Johnson is being challenged in his constituency by a 25 year old Labour candidate.
Lebanon -- AFP
Millennials are in the front line of protests demanding the overhaul of the political establishment and economic reform in this small Mediterranean country
Palexpo - Anadolu
This year's London PalExpo offered an air of Mandela-style hope, with the attendance of the grandson of Chief Zwelivelile Mandela, the grandson of the late icon.
rashed al majid video
Rashed al-Majed is being mocked after releasing a cheesy song in support of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
nakba day - nurphoto
Despite technically living in Palestine, Gaza's 1.4 million Palestinian refugees refuse to forget their homeland, which they were expelled from during the Nakba.
Anna Vakili  - instagram
From marriage pressure to having 'ridiculously' high standards: British-Iranain Love Island contestant Anna Vakili spoke to many fellow Middle Eastern girls watching the show.