Internet frenzy as Theresa May dons hijab for #VisitMyMosqueDay

Internet frenzy as Theresa May dons hijab for #VisitMyMosqueDay
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19 Feb, 2018
UK Prime Minister Theresa May wore a hijab when visiting a mosque on Visit My Mosque Day, sparking some controversy (and conspiracy theories) on social media...
Theresa May covered her hair when visiting a Mosque in Maidenhead in London [Twitter]

With Islamophobia on the rife in the UK, British Muslims have in recent years started an initiative in which mosques host non-Muslim members of the community for the Visit My Mosque day.

With more Mosques and local Islamic community centers taking part as the event gets bigger so is the number of mainstream politicians in the country taking part.

Prime Minister Theresa May is no exception. She visited her local Mosque in Maidenhead and even donned a hijab, giving a speech and taking pictures with regular mosque-goers.

Of course, her visiting her local mosque caused a lot of controversy. From people believing she is somehow “submitting to Sharia” to recalling her history which led her to be branded as Islamophobe of the Year in 2015 by advocacy group Islamic Human Rights Commission.

Mashallah, brother!

Some were elated at the thought of the Prime Minister of the UK visiting a Mosque:

Whereas others, not so much:

Sharia conspiracy theories undoubtedly came around:

Whereas others knew the power of "the Muslim vote":

Could Theresa May have even turned into Imam Theresa bint Hubert

People are praying for it to happen, that's for sure: