#IranDeal: Twitter users react to historic nuclear agreement

#IranDeal: Twitter users react to historic nuclear agreement
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14 Jul, 2015
With diplomats tweeting the twists and turns of the marathon talks and their successful conclusion, the hashtag #IranDeal was soon trending all over the globe.
Iran and six major world powers reached a nuclear deal on Tuesday, capping more than a decade of negotiations with an agreement that could transform the Middle East.

Ahead of the deal being sealed, Twitter was already alive with speculations and discussions about the likely impact of a deal on the region and the world.

Once the news broke , #IranDeal quickly became the number one trending hashtag worldwide.

According to a twitter analytics website, over 45’000 tweets have been posted using #IranDeal in 24 hours scope. However,  the deal has been the main talk on social media for days, as people have been monitoring the developments and anticipating the results.


Reactions online mainly commended the results of the deal calling it a win-win situation. Tweeps highlighted the drop in oil prices, and broadcasted optimism for peace between the 6 nations involved.

Yet, a considerable numebr of tweeps were not as optimistic.

@Dr_MagedMohamad: Ali Khomeini used to threaten to never allow the military bases to be inspected. Now he has broken his vow and accepted their insulting and humiliating terms.

Voices of uncertainity of what the future of this deal might hold were also present, as well as the future of other nuclear powers in the region and beyond. Israel in specific.