Lindsay Lohan covers up with Burkini on Thai beach

Lindsay Lohan covers up with Burkini on Thai beach
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09 Apr, 2017
Actress Lindsay Lohan was seen wearing the Burkini in Thailand, months after confirming rumours she was studying Islam.
The actress has been seen wearing the hijab publically[Getty]

Lindsay Lohan was recently seen donning the modest Burkini swimwear on a beach in Thailand, new signs hinting toward the actress' new-found love of studying Islam.

The 30-year-old Hollywood celebrity enjoyed a day on surfing in a Phuket beach while completely covered, revealing only her face - as is expected for women practising the Muslim faith.

Lohan has in recent months publically declared her interest in Islam, confirming rumours she was studying the religion however shying away from those claiming she converted.

"I don't wanna speak on something that I haven't finished yet. I don't think that's right," she said.

In February, the actress, who has on multiple occasions donned the Hijab in public, said she was racially profiled at an airport while travelling because she was wearing the Islamic headscarf.

Lohan rekindled rumours that she had converted to Islam after erasing her presence from Instagram and leaving a cryptic religious message for her fans earlier this year before reposting images quoting Muslim figures like the Prophet Muhammad.

Last year, the modest swimwear worn by the actress made international headlines after 30 French coastal resorts banned the Burkini in a move described as Islamophobic and contrary to France's values.

France's highest administrative court ruled against the measure described as a "serious and clearly illegal violation of fundamental freedoms".

The suspension of the ban on the Islamic swimsuit, which triggered a fierce debate worldwide was welcomed by the UN, and a French Muslim group said it was a "victory for common sense".