On the 5th anniversary of Mohammed bin Salman’s reign, Ramzi Kaiss reflects on the ruler's consolidation of power through the kingdom’s security apparatus that is responsible for the torture and disappearance of opponents and peaceful critics.
BDS Getty
The Bradford Literature Festival is once again in the eye of the storm, this time over its sponsorship by pro-Israel groups. This further emphasises the importance of cultural spaces and the solidarity they can serve, writes Ibrahim Abul-Essad.
Lebanon elections
Whilst there were a few surprises during the Lebanese elections, including the victory of independent parliamentarians and the high turnout of expat voters, as the dust settles it is difficult to see any real change, writes Khalil Issa.
The Grenfell tragedy forced the world to see the impact of neoliberalism in the UK, where profit before people continues to define housing. Especially given ongoing injustices dealt to the community, we must mount a push back, writes Daniel Renwick.
Pride 2022: This essay is extracted from This Arab is Queer: An Anthology by LGBTQ+ Arab Writers. It is published by Saqi Books and is available now from their website and all good bookstores.
ويكيبيديا Wikipedia
Elisa Pierandrei writes that Wikipedia has opened up new opportunities for activists fighting for the legitimacy of indigenous languages and dialects, especially in Africa where the legacy of colonialism continues to have an impact.
Praised for welcoming Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion, Israel’s granting of asylum to Ukrainian Jews is ultimately fuelled by a need to maintain a demographic supremacy over Palestinians, writes Robert Inlakesh.
The pre-electoral ambience and the severe economic crisis that has hit Turkey these past months have revived the xenophobic rhetoric against the country’s four million refugees, writes Lara Villalón.
Keir Starmer [Getty]
As Labour leader Keir Starmer continues to abandon policies associated with Corbyn, even with the risk of losing the next general election, the base of activists and election of socialist candidates locally cannot be ignored, writes Mike Phipps.
The Xinjiang Police Files paint a chilling picture of Uyghur detention camps, but with the CCP’s iron grip on the region, even large scale leaks of critical evidence may fail to stop the force of China’s Uyghur genocide, writes James Snell.