Ramallah protest
Opinion: Randa Abdel-Fattah sets about recording an oral family history as an act of resistance against the apparent inaudibility of Palestine.
PA Abbas at UN - Getty
Comment: This is not the first time that Abbas's blind quest to stay in power is costing Palestinians their sovereignty, writes Dalal Yassine.
Afghan girls at school in Kabul. [Getty]
Comment: Any new government in Kabul will likely need aid, which can be conditioned on preserving gains Afghan women have made, writes Nazila Jamshidi.
Sheikh Jarrah protest - Getty
Comment: Palestinians aren't just resisting expulsion, but an aggressive campaign to silence them online, and a longstanding media effort to distort the reality of the occupation, writes Laura Albast.
Trump and Mohammed Bin Zayed shake hands. [Getty]
Comment: Long before the 'Abraham Accords', Abu Dhabi was investing in the US and developing an intensive lobbying strategy in Washington. Eva Thiebaud discusses a new report by Colin Powers.
Tank belonging to Tigray forces. [Getty]
Comment: A brutal regional conflict broke out last November and shows no signs of winding down, writes Alex de Waal.
Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City. [Getty]
Comment: In the wake of Jerusalem's anti-Arab violence, Dominique Vidal questions how the world would react if the shoe were on the other foot.
[Getty] .Covid-19 Vaccine Vials
Comment: Intellectual property must serve the global good, rather than humanity serving the interests of a few private companies, writes Jeffrey D. Sachs.
Libya shipwreck survivors - Getty
Comment: Even for those refugees evacuated from Libya, many are still living in very dangerous conditions, with long-term uncertainty and isolation taking their toll, writes Delphine Rodrik.
GettyImages-1139071511 (1).jpg
Comment: Libya desperately needs a bottom-up approach that puts communities first, not intervention from an out of touch intelligentsia, writes Moin Kikhia.